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Waiting For My Uber

I pace the length of the lobby anxiously. The world outside is pitch black,seldom lit even by flashes of lightning, followed by booming thunder. I catch my reflection in the opaque glass of my office’s front window, and for a moment I’m startled by the sight of my face in that dark square, illuminated by the soft glow of my phone’s screen.

My Uber is still several minutes away. With the rain pounding as hard as it is, I’m waiting inside while the driver makes his way carefully down the flooded streets. I’m the last person here, and all I want is to step outside, lock the door, and be gone.

I can’t shake that feeling of being watched, though. I know it’s silly; it’s a small office of just ten people, and I did the closing procedures myself. Walking each room, I turned off every light and closed every door. I’m alone. But still, I feel I’m not.Continue Reading

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