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Tonight is the Night

I play a little game with myself when I’m bored and it’s almost time for bed. Since I was a child, I’ve always had an active imagination. Naturally this led to me becoming a voracious reader and eventually a lover of film, especially horror movies. Although most of them don’t scare me, I have always had a special place in my heart for “monster under the bed” stories. The idea that there’s something malevolent directly beneath you as you’re trying to sleep, waiting until that dream world takes you so that it can creep out and do what monsters do is just terrifying to me.

But I like being scared. In this world full of glaring spotlights which illuminate all of the mysteries of life until they are no longer interesting, that space between the floor and the bottom of your mattress represents the last holdout of things which go bump in the night. Because it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve checked under there before – tonight could be the night that some lunatic broke into your house and decided to hide in your room so he could sneak out and stab you in the chest while you sleep. Or the night that quantum fluctuations led to an interuniversal portal opening beneath your bed, letting in some freakish monster which decides to eat first and ask questions later. Tonight could be the night, after all.Continue Reading

I Think Something Is Pretending To Be My Shadow (Part 2)

Ok, let’s pick back up where we left off. So yeah, after that night where I saw the shadow on the ceiling, I was pretty freaked out. I’d never seen anything like that before, and I’m usually a pretty rational dude, so I didn’t want to believe that I’d just had a random hallucination. However, the possibility that I’d induced some paranoia on my own part did occur to me then – after all, even though I didn’t believe the eclipse ritual would have any real world implications, I guess the possibility always existed in my mind.

So I gave my friend Jim a call the next morning. We see eye to eye on a lot of this paranormal stuff, though his interests run a little darker than mine, so I figured he might have something to add. Also, I needed to figure out where he got that idea about the eclipse ritual anyway, since it definitely didn’t come from me. I’ll do my best to write out how that conversation went now.Continue Reading

I Think Something Is Pretending To Be My Shadow

We’ve all heard stories about people becoming possessed by evil spirits. It’s basically a trope at this point, but that doesn’t stop people from having real and true anxiety about that kind of thing happening to them, especially in the dead of night, when anything seems possible. The story I’m going to tell you now is true, and it’s about something that’s been happening to me not just in the dead of night; not only when I’m afraid and alone and anything I can dream up can seem as real as the bedsheets under which I lay. Instead, this story unfolds mostly in the bright, glaring light of day, when there would seem to be no room for fear to grow. But nevertheless, I have found that possession seems to be real. It’s just not me who has become possessed. It’s my shadow.

We’ll get there, though. First, I want to tell you how this all started. To tell you a little about myself, I’m a guy who just recently graduated from high school. I come from a small midwestern town, and have had a life that I am aware would be considered privileged by many. That has afforded me the time, energy, and desire to pursue a litany of hobbies, some of which are normal, and some of which…well, not so much. For instance, I have always had an acute fascination with the occult. Specifically, folk lore and how it interacted with and caused the diversity of our species. People the world over have told intricate myths, legends, and stories about where we come from and the world around us as a whole. That, to me, is fascinating. I’ve always been interested in that aspect of anthropology.Continue Reading

It Was An Accident

Two years ago I committed a terrible act. It was not intentional – but it happened, and I have had to live with it. The event took place one evening while I was out walking on my property. I own about a dozen acres of land, and I’d always loved to take strolls out there as the sun sets.

Those who live in the country know that you can’t really leave your house for a hike without taking a weapon. There are snakes, wild boars, mountain lions, even bears – all sorts of creatures who, if you happen to startle, might panic and attack you. So that evening, like so many others, I had my shotgun in my right hand, held loosely by the receiver.Continue Reading

The Hallway

I try to run, but my legs feel as if they are immersed in honey. They drag through the air, which feels thick enough to dive into and swim. I have a brief, fleeting thought that doing so might actually be faster than stepping through what seems to be mud. Then I remember what lies behind me, and I plod on. No time for games now.

The hall seems to stretch on forever in front of me, pulling into the distance like an eternal horizon, always just beyond my reach. The lights snap on above me as I pass under them and then fade out as I manage to leave them behind, giving me a sliding nodule of illumination which does not actually provide any usable features to the hallway, and instead just heightens my impatience and anxiety.Continue Reading

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