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My Final Summer At Camp Greenwood

Like many kids who grew up in the ’80s, I attended a summer camp pretty much every year of my childhood. I remember a lot of things about that time in my life – the sunny afternoons of summer spent running through clearings or splashing in the lake’s cool, clear water. I remember the light rains which would fall on the corrugated steel roof of our cabins, and the smell of bacon waking us up early in the morning, just after sunrise.

Those years of my life should have been the best, and in many ways they were. However, it all came to an end when I turned 15, and now the memories of the time I spent at Camp Greenwood remind me only of the horrible agony I caused to so many. It’s a story which I’ve done my best to forget, but now, as I get older and I have kids of my own, I feel that it’s my responsibility to put it down in ink, so to speak, at last. Then maybe I’ll finally be free of it.Continue Reading

Mr. Jenkins’ Maze

Even at just twelve, the boys of Chester Lane knew they had something special. John, Ben, James, Rick, Tim, and Kevin were all neighbors, and their companionship was basically preordained since they were all the same age.

Halloween was their absolute favorite day. They loved coming up with matching costumes; working together to forge a new theme each year. Proud parents watched as they cobbled together costumes with youthful delight.

Of course this was all for the big day – they would mount a coordinated attack on the neighborhood’s candy. The boys hit every house with a light on, jamming fistfuls of candy into pillow cases. One house in particular was a favorite – Mr. Jenkins, a kindly old man whose wife had passed away before the boys were born – always went all-out.Continue Reading

I don’t like swimming

I’ve never been much for swimming. I just don’t like it – and especially not in large bodies of water. They kind of freak me out.

That’s why I wasn’t too happy about it when my family decided to stop at a lake on the way home from our annual camping trip. We’d had a fantastic weekend, and I was ready to go home. ¬†Unfortunately, both my mom and dad wanted to check out a spot they’d heard was great for swimming, and since my little sister wanted to go too, I could hardly muster much objection.

We got there around midday, and it was obvious that our quick dip was going to become another night of camping. To be fair, the lake was gorgeous. The weather was ideal, and there was a picturesque mountain range just on the far shore behind which the sun would inevitably set, streaking globs of deep red paint across the summer sky. Mom and dad looked happier than I’d seen them in a long time. Who was I to try to say no to that?Continue Reading

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