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I lay in bed, covers pulled up to my chin and eyes glued straight up to the ceiling.


I wouldn’t look over. I wouldn’t and I couldn’t. If I did, I just knew that it would be over. My eyes burned to dart over to the right; to look out of the window and see what there was to see.


Sweat beaded on my brow, and eventually spilled over into my eye. I blinked rapidly but kept my eyes trained on the ceiling. I stared so hard at it that my vision began to turn grey around the edges. I needed to sleep, but there was no way I could do that while it was out there, waiting for me to look at it.Continue Reading

The Worst Time of Night

The worst time of night for me is at approximately 3:40 AM. For many years, I thought that the experiences I have every night at 3:40 AM were just part of being human, and that everyone went through the same thing. I just thought no one talked about it because it’s terrible and it’s best to just pretend it doesn’t happen. It was only recently that I found out that what I suffer from is an extreme form of sleep paralysis.

I can’t see the clock now, it’s on the bedside table to my right. I don’t need to see it though, because I already know what it says. I know the time, because I’ve just awoken and it’s still very dark outside my window. I will my head to turn anyway, but it refuses to follow my instruction. I feel thirsty, my throat is dry and scratchy. I want to reach over and pick up the small paper cup of water which sits beside my alarm clock. My arm feels impossibly heavy; I feel it straining to move, but I don’t have the strength. My eyes move fine, and I peer around my dark bedroom.

All is still and quiet. My ears do not detect any sounds in the house beyond my bedroom. I try to wiggle my toes, which I can just see at the bottom of my vision, tucked tightly beneath my comforter. I think I see one moving, but only just. Even this feels as if it takes all of the effort I possess. Continue Reading

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